Why make Merry Sales one of your suppliers?
  • Reasonable minimum orders of $75

  • Unique product offerings and brands: You cannot get an Alivio derailleur from us (not our thing), but we are one of the only places to get your hands on brands like Ostrich, Honjo, Hebie, Busch + Muller, Suzue, and Hozan. Plus we have one of the widest selection of MKS , Nitto, Crane Bells, Soma Fabrications, Newbaum’s, and IRD in the USA.

  • Fast West Coast Service: We are located in the SF Bay Area, so that means 2-day service to many urban centers like Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City and Phoenix.

  • On-line ordering 24/7. Phone ordering and customer service as late as 8:00 Eastern Standard Time

  • Free Shipping available for orders $500 and up. (See our policies for any restrictiions)

OPEN your Wholesale Account today:

Just download or call to get a New Account Application.

Brick and mortar bicycle stores, franchise mobile bike repair, and frame builders are all eligible. Other types of businesses need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If you want to apply for open account(terms), you must also provide credit references and other financial information. Fax to 650-589-1222 or e-mail to mary(a)