Best Ways to Search and Find:

1) You can search by part number, product name keyword ("123456" "basket" "riser" "Deep V" "Nitto"). 

2) You can search via the Product/Brand Category filter on the left side. However if you have used the filter in conjunction with the Search Box, you might need to clear out of the filter to be able to do a new search.
Example: You selected "Cable & Housing" as  a filter, and then searched "4mm" to find a 4mm shift housing.   If the next item you want to search for is outside the "Cable & Housing" category, you need to click "SHOP" on main navigation bar or "All Products" on the left side menu to CLEAR OUT of  the filter you selected. Otherwise you may get a message like below.


3) Spelling counts: Search AI cannot guess at what you might want

4) Word order does not matter: You can search "Wolverine Frame" or "Frame Wolverine" and still get results.

5) It can search by partial words: "hoz" will bring up all Hozan, "doub" will bring up double cranks, double kickstand, and Double Cross frames, "nit cap" will bring up Nitto Cycling Cap, Nitto Stem Cap and Nitto Bolt Caps, etc.

6) Overly verbose or descriptive can backfire. We sell "cycling caps" in singles, so they are listed for example "Soma Cycling Cap Green". Searching "cycling capS" plural will yield no results.

 Limitations of the current iteration of this site:

1) You need to enter quantities in the cart page, not the product page. Select color/size, click Add to Cart. Then go to cart to add quantities if more than 1.

2) Site does not let you view our part #'s.

3) Site shows only retail pricing if you are not logged into your wholesale account...

4) Site doesn't show regular and discounted pricing together, so you can view how much savings there is.
   We will be addressing these limitations as soon as we can 

Before Placing Your First Order

1) Please enter in a Visa or Mastercard into your account

2) Double check you have a shipping address listed even if it is same as the main account address

3) Adding a billing address if different from main account address

4) Double check pricing: On some products, pricing can change depending on the option you choose. For example: Honjo Fenders: The preview page shows just one price, but the hammered finish, beveled and smooth finish have different prices from one another. Select the options you want to reveal the actual price.